Monday, November 10, 2008

TREND ALERT: Sushi Restaurants

My boyfriend has to be the least creative person i've ever met when it comes to cool ideas for dates.  I have to say that he finally came through in the date department when he took me to a sushi joint.  His trendiness caught me completely off guard.  

The more i talk to my girl friends, the more I've noticed a pattern.  In the last few months one of the most popular places to take your partner on a date is to a sushi place.  

Not only is Japanese food super yummy, but it is totally affordable.  The settings are usually very serene and sometimes even romantic.  Perfect for a date.  Some sushi restaurants even feature a bar area or a habachi grill where you get to watch the chefs do their thang.  

Where else could you get food, ambiance and entertainment all in the same place?  My personal favorite restaurant is Sushi Yama in Boca.    


Sadao said...

I don't miss my home country very much now that I see sushi and Japanese restaurants keep popping up on the streets I drive everyday.
Many of them serve real authentic Japanese meal and I love it.